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Why don’t just save data on Cloud-based storage service?

Updated on: August 10, 2020

You need the Internet to backup and access your data, Data Leak is also another issue to worry about. Additionally, you have to pay the monthly fees such as Internet fee and Service fee to use Cloud-based storage service.

AnyBackup doesn’t save your data to cloud-based storage, it saves your data to local storage devices such as Micro SD Card, USB Flash or Portable External Hard Drive, so no need to pay Internet fee or Service fee monthly.That’s why AnyBackup is called 1-TIME Fee solution ($29) for Unlimited Storage.

Beside that it’s completely safe because there’s no worries about dataleak by hackers because your data are encrypted and protected by FaceID, Fingerprint or password, you are the one who decides where is the safest place for your storage device.

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