AnyBackup - Offline AutoBackup & 100W FastCharge Device W/ Apple MFi

AnyBackup – Inspection Guidelines

Updated on: June 22, 2021

AnyBackup needs AnyBackup app (iOS / Android) to work properly.

In case AnyBackup is used to fast charge your device while backing up it, the power brick and the cable are necessary devices to have.

So the root reason that makes “AnyBackup doesn’t work” could be:
– AnyBackup.
– AnyBackup app (iOS / Android).
– Power brick.
– Cable (support functioning power transfer and data transfer).
– Device that is backed up data (iPhone / iPad / Android phone or tablets with functioning a power port with USB data transfer).

The following video will guide you to inspect the root reason when you found “AnyBackup doesn’t work”:

#1. 0:00 – 0:31 – Make sure the AnyBackup installed on your device is the latest version.
#2. 0:31 – 0:57 – Make sure all the permissions that AnyBackup required are enabled.

#3. 0:57 – 1:57 – Check if there’s an issue with a Micro SD card or the storage devices (USB Flash, Portable External Hard Drive).
#3.1. Result: if the iPad cannot detect the AnyBackup with files, the issue comes from the storage device.
#3.2. Result: if the iPad can detect the AnyBackup with files, there is no issue with the storage device.

#4. 1:57 – 2:59 – Check if there’s an issue with the power adapter or AnyBackup
#4.1. Result: if the LED on AnyBackup is not lit, there’s an issue with AnyBackup or Power adapter, please try with another Power adapter to see if Power adapter or AnyBackup is defective.
#4.2. Result: if the LED on AnyBackup is blinking, the AnyBackup and Power adapter work properly.

#5. 2:59 – 2:59 – Check if there’s an issue with the cable or iPad.
#5.1. Result: if the laptop cannot detect the iPad, there’s an issue with cable or iPad, try with another cable to see if the issue comes from iPad or cable.
#5.2. Result: if the laptop can detect the iPad, there’s no issue with the cable and iPad.

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