AnyBackup - Offline AutoBackup & 100W FastCharge Device W/ Apple MFi

What makes AnyBackup be the best choice to back up data instead of iTunes?

Updated on: August 10, 2020

With AnyBackup, you can backup your phone data Anywhere Anytime, No need of Internet or Laptop/PC with Desktop software such as iTunes.

Just plug it in, all your phone data will automatically be backed up to Micro SD card (up to 2TB) or Portable External Hard Drive (Unlimited Storage), the choice of storage device is yours.

Furthermore, because AnyBackup is made with Chipset certified by Apple MFi and produced by Apple MFi licensed factory, your iPhone/iPad can easily detect AnyBackup after you plug it in, then the backup process can be done automatically. This amazing feature is not available on other backup devices in the market because they are not made to be a Apple MFi certified product :”)

Ah, another feature, iTunes doesn’t support to backup social data such as Faebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Evernote. With AnyBackup, you can do that 😉

Plz check our clip to see how fast you backup your phone with AnyBackup compared to iTunes:

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