AnyBackup - Offline AutoBackup & 100W FastCharge Device W/ Apple MFi

How can I use AnyBackup to backup data on iPhone or iPad?

Updated on: May 28, 2021

AnyBackup comes with USB-C male so that you cannot plug it directly into iPhone.

In the case of iPad, you can plug AnyBackup directly to iPad because iPad comes with USB-C female. In this case, iPad identifies AnyBackup as USB Flash Drive.

To automatically backup data on iPhone / iPad, you need to connect AnyBackup to your devices via a cable, you need a cable with Lightning (for iPhone) or USB-C (for iPad) at one head and USB-C at the other head (Vulcan cable | 20% OFF). Plug Lightning/USB-C head to iPhone/iPad, plug other USB-C head to AnyBackup, then plug AnyBackup into a power adapter that supports USB-C output.

It means that you can use AnyBackup to automatically backup data while fast charging your iPhone / iPad.

Check this clip for more details:

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