Does Magnet Force Of Vulcan Affect How A Quartz Watch Works?

Updated on: March 17, 2021

It doesn’t feature a wheel, rotor, or hairspring that is found in mechanical and automatic timepieces.

So will it be affected by magnetism?

The movement can be affected by magnetism.

When exposed to a magnetic environment, such as being near a handbag, body scanner, speaker, tablet, phone, headphones, refrigerator, laptops…., the watch will move much slower due to the increased force.

However, when it’s pulled away from the device, it should start running normally without suffering any internal or permanent damage.

Quartz watches are less susceptible to magnetism in comparison to automatic and mechanical watches.

This is due to fewer metallic or moving parts and the fact that the quartz doesn’t retain the magnetism unlike other types of movement.

Also, the motor is found deep inside the core and most top pieces have a casing that is more resistant.

Digital quartz seems to fare better when compared to analog types.

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