Why Does Vulcan Support Data Transfer At 480mbps?

Updated on: January 13, 2021

Vulcan is intentionally designed for fast charging all devices that include laptops, mobile phones, tablets, headphones, gamepads, drones, power banks, etc.

Vulcan also supports data transfer so that it could be used with all infotainment systems that are popular nowadays such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, MirrorLink.

At the time this answer is composed, all mobile phones (iPhone, Android phones) only support USB 2.0 with a maximum data transfer rate of 480mbps.

USB-C supports USB 3.0, but the Vulcan doesn’t support USB 3.0 because it will increase the number of power pins of the magnetic tip, this makes the magnetic tip bigger than normal and it’s impossible to plug it into mobile phones, especially in case the mobile phones are protected by protection case that always has a small charging hole.

There are some magnetic cables in the market support USB 3.0 but they only support for laptop, not for mobile phones or tablets because it’s too big to use with mobile phones or tablets. Furthermore, those magnetic cables don’t support Reversible Fast Charging which allows customers to charge the devices with both sides of the cable.

Vulcan can do that, you can charge ALL devices with both sides of the cable, and transfer data at the highest rate of smart phones such as iPhone, Samsung fold, etc, and comfortable when using it any infotainment systems with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or even MirrorLink.

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